The Radiant Panel Company

Warm Brothers Incorporated (WBI) was founded in the year 2000 with the granting of patent 22323 for radiant panels systems. The company has been offering several radiant panel designs under different  patents manufactured in both the Eastern and Western United States under several brand names providing the broadest offering of radiant panel solutions in the industry. The company has additional patents and patents pending.

Aluminum Surfaces

All WBI radiant panels are laminated with highly conductive aluminum that provide vastly improved heating respond time over cementitious or plain wood panels while permitting the use of lower water temperatures with the resulting higher efficiencies.

Modular Installation

All WBI radiant panels are designed and produced in small panels that are easy to install.

Panel Layout Services

All WBI panel systems are offered with panel layout design services.

Factory Direct

All WBI panels are sold factory direct to the jobsite.